Brazilian Santos Beans


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Brazilian Santos Beans
Bean: 100% arabica, whole beans.

100g £2.99
250g £7.48
500g £13.45 (including a 10% discount)

Grown Continent – Central America
Country – Brazil
Region – Sul de Minas
Altitude – 600 – 1200 above sea level.
Farms: Capoeira and Colonia dos Pinheiros.

Body/strength : medium.
Roast: medium.
Tasting Notes: Creamy, with a mildly sweet flavour of nuts and a hint of chocolate.

This blend of 100% arabica bean coffee comes from the Capoeira and Colonia dos Pinheiros farms located in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. This well balanced coffee offers an extremely smooth cup of coffee. Perfect on it’s own! Can be drunk with milk, soya or almond.

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