Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Beans


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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Beans
Bean: 100% arabica

100g £3.75
250g £9.38
500g: £16.88 (includes a 10% discount)

Continent – Africa
Country – Ethiopia
Region – Yirgacheffe
Altitude – 1800m above sea level

Bean Process: Washed
Body/strength : strong
Roast: medium
Tasting notes: Rich and velvety, reminiscent of exotic fruit with chocolaty tones.

Coffee from the south Yirgacheffe region is grown at altitudes between 1500m – 1800m above sea level. It’s a washed coffee that come from the Reko factory in Kochere. During harvest, which normally takes place between late October and mid-January, about 850 farmers bring their crops to the washing station. The Reko washing station is an example for neighbouring washing stations, they sustain coffee communities and deliver amazing coffee, year after year.

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