Honduras Santa Barbara


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Honduras Santa Barbara (Finca Jerusalen)

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Freshly ground ready for your choice of cafetiere/filter, espresso and aeropress grind or whole beans.
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Bean: 100% Arabica
Grown Continent:
Central America
Country of origin: Honduras
Region: Santa Barbara
Farm: Finca Jerusalen
Farmer: José Francisco Cuellar
Grade: SHG Strictly High Grown
Altitude: 1500 – 1600m
Bean: 100% Arabica
Variety: Geisha
Roast: Medium
Body: Rich
Tasting Notes: Rich and smooth with notes of caramel and cocoa.

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Flag of HondurasThe Family farm Finca Jerusalen
The farmer José Francisco Cuellar understands the importance of biodiversity and therefore he planted his coffee plants amongst other plants, flowers and trees in the virgin jungle. The soil there is rich, healthy and fertile keeping the coffee plants in a good shape and resistant to fungal illnesses. All water used on this farm comes from four high mountain water streams which makes the farm water self sufficient. The type of coffee plant grown on this natural farm is the precious Arabica variety ”Geisha”. The origin of Geisha is in the Ethiopian region Gesha. (Ethiopia is the cradle of Arabica plants). José is an agronomist and he studied agriculture at university in Argentina. He is ambitious  and he is constantly striving to improve his farm and plant growing. The family farm has almost 100 years of tradition and their coffee is in high demand. It is an excellent coffee for any time of the day!

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