Organic Peruvian SHB – Beans


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Organic Peruvian SHB – Beans
Bean: 100% Arabica.
SHB – strictly hard bean.

100g £3.65
250g £9.15
500g £16.43 (includes a 10% discount)

Grown Continent – South America
Country – Peru
Region – Chanchamayo and Cuzco
Altitude – 750m – 3400m above sea level

Body/strength : medium.
Roast: medium.
Tasting notes: Well-balanced with nutty and chocolaty tones.

In global terms, the largest quantity of certified organic coffee is grown in the Chanchamayo and Cuzco regions of Peru. Coffees from the Andes possess a typically rustic character, whilst still maintaining known Peruvian coffee traits.

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