Organic Peruvian SHB Ground


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Organic Peruvian SHB Ground
Bean: 100% Arabica.
SHB – strictly hard bean.
Freshly ground ready for your choice of cafetiere/filter or espresso grind. Options available in the drop down box.

100g £3.65
250g £9.15

Grown Continent – Latin America
Country – Peru
Region – Chanchamayo and Cuzco
Altitude – 750m – 3400m above sea level

Body/strength : medium – light
Roast: medium
Tasting Notes: Well-balanced with nutty chocolaty tones.

In global terms, the largest quantity of certified organic coffee is grown in the Chanchamayo and Cuzco regions of Peru. Coffees from the Andes possess a typically rustic character, whilst still maintaining known Peruvian coffee traits.

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Organic certified.
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