*New* Around the World Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set


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Around the World Loose Leaf Gift Set
A gift set for the tea connoisseur! Experience a taste of three different countries teas! This collection of high grade teas have been hand selected by us for their fine quality and luxurious flavours. The perfect gift for anyone that loves fine teas!

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This set includes:

Jasmine Dragon Pearls – Chinese White Tea 30g
Each pearl is hand-rolled using the finest, young shoots picked in early spring. Once the pearls are dried, they are stored until summer. The jasmine blossoms are picked in the morning, when the small petals are tightly closed and then kept cool until nightfall. They open during the night, releasing their fragrance ready for the scenting process. It takes up to 7 nights for the pearls to absorb the aroma. Each night after 4 hours, the flowers are removed and the pearls dried. Fresh blossoms are used every time. The liquor (infusion) is pale yellow with a sweet jasmine flavour and aroma.

Premium Japanese Green Tea – Organic Kabusecha Kirishima 30gEU Organic Logo
The word Kabusecha means ‘shaded tea’. The leaves are shaded for 10 – 14 days prior to harvesting. This results in the tea plant producing small, deep green leaves which when infused gives a yellow-green liquor (infusion) with a creamy and umami flavour reminiscent of fresh Edamame soya beans. A very aromatic and refreshing tea one of the best produced in Japan. Suitable for multiple infusions.

Single Estate Darjeeling – Indian Tea 30g
Margaret’s Hope 1st Flush FTGFOP1 SPL CH
Margaret’s Hope is one of the top tea gardens in Darjeeling. It is well known throughout the UK. The tea produced there in early spring is considered to be one of the best first flush Darjeelings.
The liquor (infusion) is golden-yellow, slightly creamy, with notes of chestnuts and dried apricots. A very refreshing tea with a round and long lasting after-taste.