Assam BOP Cheirdeo Purbat


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Assam BOP Cheirdeo Purbat
A broken and rolled leaf tea grown on the Cherideo Purbat tea estate. The deep red infusion is rich and smooth with a flavour reminiscent of caramel. This tea is best enjoyed with a drop of milk.

100g  £4.80
500g  £19.20 (includes a 20% discount).
1kg –  £33.60 (include a 30% discount).

Tea Grade: BOP – Broken orange pekoe
Tea Origin: India

About the Cherideo Purbat Tea Estate:
The tranquil charm of the soft rolling hills of the Arakan Yoma range on the eastern horizon adds to the beauty of Cherideo Purbat Tea Estate. Situated in the heart of the ancient capital city of Ahom Dynasty the garden is nourished by streams that quietly meander through the expanse, enriching the soil and the tea bushes that produce the strong, full bodied teas. When the estate was taken-over in 2015 by the Darjeeling Organic Estates Pvt. Ltd. company, they pledged to conserve the water bodies and the environment to enhance the micro climate of the region. In keeping with their organic and bio dynamic system of farming, the garden produces environmentally conscious teas.

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