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Kenya Milima GFBOP CL*Limited Edition*

100g bag £5.20 

A high quality African tea picked in June & July, the coolest months of the year. In that time the growth of the tea leaves is slow and develops a distinct floral character. This blend has been created from three different tea estates – Kaproret, Saramek and Chemase. The infusion is orange-brown with a malty flavour. This tea could be drunk with or without milk. We recommend brewing for at least 4 mins if you would like to add milk.
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Country of Origin: Kericho, Kenya
Tea Grade: GFBOP CL – Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Clon
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About Milima Tea
Milima means ‘mountain or high place’ in Swahili.
The Milima mark is manufactured at Saosa Factory, which was built in 1929. This is the only factory in East Africa producing orthodox style tea leaves. The teas for Milima are grown at 6,000ft or higher above sea level.
The tea industry is very important in Kenya as it provides employment for several hundred thousand people from small holders through to the shipping companies. Kenya is the world’s fourth largest exporter of tea.