Decaf Sencha Kyushu


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Decaf Sencha Kyushu
This Chinese green tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 method. The infusion is dark yellow with a sweetish, slightly grassy and toasty flavour.

100g – £6.90

CO2 method of decaffeination: This way is known as a natural method to decaffeinate tea as it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. The tea leaves are put into a container and then naturally occurring CO2 is pumped in at a very high pressure. At high pressures and temperatures CO2 reaches, what is known as, the super-critical state where this naturally occurring gas becomes somewhat liquid and with its small, non-polar molecules it attracts the small caffeine molecules and removes them from the tea leaves.
This process offers the least loss of flavour to the tea and the left over caffeine that is removed is often sold on to energy drinks companies!