Finest Chinese Green Tea Gift Tube


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Finest Chinese Green Tea Gift Tube
Lung Ching Shi Feng 

Tea garden: Shi Feng (Lion Peak)
Province: Zhejiang, China
Harvest: 10th of April 2019
Weight: 30g

Lung Ching or Long Jing translates to ‘Dragon Well’. This is probably the most famous green tea in the world. It’s grown in the Zhejiang province near the village Lung Ching. In the traditional Chinese view, real Lung Ching tea should have four treasures (four attributes). A thick aroma, bright green colour, full flavour and beautiful shape. The Lung Ching Shi Feng has all of them.

The liquor (infusion) is bright yellow reminiscent of freshly cut grass and toasted chestnuts with a bitter-sweet savoury finish.