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Ceylon FBOP Vithanakande

FBOP: Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
Harvest: 25.2.2020 (Produced to order and imported directly from the growers.)

A Ceylon black tea produced on the tea estate Vithanakande located near Ratnapura district in Sabaragumwa province. The tea estate and the New Vithanakande tea factory are positioned on the hill overlooking the Sinharaja rain forest. The position and the climate combined create a perfect condition for growing tea with a slightly malty character. The liquor (infusion) is dark orange-brown with a flavour reminiscent of slightly burnt caramel with a very round and satisfying finish. Enjoy with or without milk.

100g bag £4.80 
500g bag
£19.20 (includes a 20% discount)
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Facts about the Vithanakande Tea Estate:
Sri Lanka
 in the early 1940
First Harvest: 1947
Total estate area: 60 acres
Average Production: around 140 000kg of tea monthly
Founder: Punchi Bandara Herath Pilapithiya
Currently ran by the youngest son of the founder: Navaratna Pilapithiya
A 350 permanent employees, around 150 tea pickers involved into tea picking.