Decaf Sencha Kyushu


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Decaffeinated Sencha Kyushu green tea

100g bag £8.90
500g bag £35.60 (price includes a 20% discount)

This Chinese green tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 method. The liquor (infusion) is yellow with a sweetish, slightly grassy and toasty flavour.

CO2 method of decaffeination: This way is known as a natural method to decaffeinate tea as it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. The tea leaves are put into a container and then naturally occurring CO2 is pumped in at a very high pressure. At high pressures and temperatures CO2 reaches, what is known as, the super-critical state where this naturally occurring gas becomes somewhat liquid and with its small, non-polar molecules it attracts the small caffeine molecules and removes them from the tea leaves.

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