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An Ji Bai Cha 安吉白茶
Fresh Harvest:
13th April 2020

  10g bag £4.20
bag £8.40
  50g bag £21.00
100g bag £39.90 (price includes a 5% discount)
250g bag £94.50 (price includes a 10% discount)

Country of Origin: China
Province: Zheiang
County: An Ji 安吉
Garden: Tian Huang Ping
Cultivar: Bai Ye Yi Hao (Bai Ye No. 1)

Although Bai Cha translates to white tea, An Ji Bai Cha is a type of green tea! An Ji refers to the area where it is grown.

A superb quality green tea made from bright green, slightly curved leaves, that give an intense aroma! The liquor (infusion) is clear and pale yellow with a flavour reminiscent of freshly cut bamboo leaves with notes of peach. Long lasting and refreshing aftertaste.