Lan Cang Sheng Tuocha 2017


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Lan Cang Sheng Tuocha 2017
Raw Pu Erh Pressed Bowl
This green Pu Erh tuocha is produced from young tea plants in the mountains of Lan Cang in the Yunnan province. The rooster and the colors of the packaging reflect the year of production according to the Chinese calendar – the year of the Fire Rooster (2017).
It gives a golden-yellow infusion with a refreshing, juicy and slightly sweet flavour.

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Weight: 100g

Tea Origin: Yunnan, China
Location/Garden: Lan Cang 澜沧
Type of Pu Erh: Sheng = Raw (Green Pu Erh)
100% Yunnan Da Ye, cultivated tea plants, standard machine stamping.

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