*New* Black & Dark Tea Loose Leaf Gift Box


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Black & Dark Tea Loose Leaf Gift Box
A gift set for the tea connoisseur! This collection of high grade black and dark teas have been hand selected by us for their fine quality and luxurious flavours. The perfect gift for anyone that loves fine teas!
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This set includes:
Single Estate Darjeeling – Castleton 1st Flush FTGFOP1 SPL CH
The tea estate Castleton was planted in 1885 by Dr Charles Graham. Castleton is unique for its topography, soil profile and the tea bushes which have been planted here. Because of this, the quality of their teas cannot be replicated by other gardens.
This superb quality early spring picked tea gives a flavoursome golden-yellow liquor with a floral taste and notes of honey. One of the best Darjeeling teas produced.

Imperial Pu Erh Gong Ting Yi Wu 2016 30g
Gong Ting translates to ‘Imperial Court’. Imperial Court Pu Erh tea is the highest grade of loose leaf Pu Erh. Pu Erh is traditionally compressed into different shapes like cakes, bricks or little and medium size bowls called Tuocha. Only a limited amount is produced as loose leaf. Gong Ting Pu Erh is made from young/ tender leaves and golden buds. The liquor (infusion) is deep red with an aroma reminiscent of Chinese dates and nuts with a sweet creamy finish.

Single Estate Ceylon – Ruhuna Special FBOP 30g
The Ruhuna tea region is situated in the Southern province of Sri Lankas tea growing area. Although it is said that high grown teas are the best, it isn’t always the case! This Ceylon tea contains a high proportion of golden buds and neatly rolled long black leaves. The liquor (infusion) is deep orange with a smooth flavour and hints of dried fig. It is suitable for drinking with or without milk.