*New* Dragon Loose Leaf Gift Set


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Dragon Loose Leaf Gift Set
A gift set for the tea connoisseur! This collection of high grade teas have been hand selected by us for their fine quality and luxurious flavours. The perfect gift for anyone that loves fine teas!
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Set includes:

Luxury Oolong Gao Shan Superior High Mountain Oolong 高山茶 30g
The two words ”Gao Shan” means: ”High Mountain”. A rare, superior grade Oolong, grown at the altitude of 1000m above sea level. The climate is ideal for growing tea because the temperature is low, the air is clean and the mountains are misty. It is produced in very small quantities as the space for growing the tea trees is limited and it takes about 36 to 40 hours to process a batch of gaoshan tea.

The leaves are rolled into deep green, crinkly pellets the size of garden peas. The liquor (infusion) is a bright golden-yellow with a flavour and aroma reminiscent of peaches, apricots and a hint of honey.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls – Chinese White Tea 30g
Each pearl is hand-rolled using the finest, young shoots picked in early spring. Once the pearls are dried, they are stored until summer. The jasmine blossoms are picked in the morning, when the small petals are tightly closed and then kept cool until nightfall. They open during the night, releasing their fragrance ready for the scenting process. It takes up to 7 nights for the pearls to absorb the aroma. Each night after 4 hours, the flowers are removed and the pearls dried. Fresh blossoms are used every time. The liquor (infusion) is pale yellow with a sweet jasmine flavour and aroma.

Finest Chinese Green Tea Lung Ching Shi Feng 30g
Lung Ching or Long Jing translates to ‘Dragon Well’. This is probably the most famous green tea in the world. It’s grown in the Zhejiang province near the village Lung Ching. In the traditional Chinese view, real Lung Ching tea should have four treasures (four attributes). A thick aroma, bright green colour, full flavour and beautiful shape. The Lung Ching Shi Feng has all of them.

The liquor (infusion) is bright yellow reminiscent of freshly cut grass and toasted chestnuts with a bitter-sweet savoury finish.