Loose Leaf Relaxation Gift Box


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Loose Leaf Relaxation Gift Box
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An elegant gift box containing four different tea blends to help aid in relaxation.

Little Buddha 50g
Our best selling flavoured green tea! This popular blend is a mixture of fresh green tea, tropical fruits and spices! Great as either a warm or cold brew.
: Chinese Sencha green tea, licorice, sandalwood, red pepper, camomile, aroma, pieces of papaya (sugar, firming agent: calcium chloride), pieces of pineapple (sugar, citric acid).

Lemon and Ginger 50g
This herbal blend gives a strong, well balanced flavour that’s great after a meal or at any time during the day. Caffeine Free.
Ingredients: Ginger Root (min 79%), Lemon Pieces (min 5.9%), Lemon Grass, natural lemon aroma.

Moroccan Mint 30g
A traditional blend of green tea and mint. The infusion gives a strong, fresh flavour. Ingredients: China Gunpowder green tea (min 50%) and large leaf peppermint (min 50%).

Sleepy Tea 30g
A loose leaf caffeine free herbal blend created to help relaxation and aid with sleeping.
Ingredients: Lemon balm, Camomile, Lavender.

May contain traces of nuts.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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