*New* Luxury Oolong Gift Tube


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Luxury Oolong Gift Tube
Gao Shan Superior

Tea garden: Nan Tou
Harvest: 2nd of March 2019
Weight: 30g

The two words ”Gao Shan” means: ”High Mountain”. A rare, superior grade Oolong, grown at the altitude of 1000m above sea level. The climate is ideal for growing tea because the temperature is low, the air is clean and the mountains are misty. Gao Shan is produced in very small quantities as the space for growing the tea trees is limited.

The leaves are rolled into deep green, crinkly pellets the size of garden peas. The liquor (infusion) is a bright golden-yellow with a flavour and aroma reminiscent of peaches, apricots and a hint of honey.