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Ceylon Ruhuna FBOPF Special

FBOPF Special Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Special

100g bag £8.50
500g bag £34.00 (price includes a 20% discount)
   1kg bag £59.50 (price includes a 30% discount)

Country of origin: Sri Lanka
Region: Ruhuna

Flag of Sri Lanka

This is one of the best teas produced in Ruhuna.
The Ruhuna tea region is situated in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. It is the lower tea growing area. Although it is said that high grown teas are the best, it isn’t always the case! The processing of this tea is very precise and it contains a high proportion of golden tips and neatly rolled black leaves. They have a very clean and pleasant aroma slightly reminiscent of tabacco. The liquor (infusion) is deep orange and malty with notes of dried figs and lichee. It is suitable for drinking with or without milk.