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Oolong Dong Ding Supergrade 凍頂
“Icy Peak”

  20g bag £8.90
  50g bag £22.25 (original pack)
100g bag £40.05 (price includes a 10% discount)

Harvest: Winter 2020
Location/Garden: Nan Tou 南投
Type of Oolong: rolled – baked

This is the highest grade of the famous Dong Ding Oolong. The leaves have been baked for a longer period of time and are tightly rolled into regular balls.
The tea releases a refreshing aroma that’s typical of the classical Taiwanese types of Oolong.
The infusion (liquor) is complex/toasty with notes reminiscent of peaches, apricots, sweet tropical fruit, meadow flowers and honey.

Produced in very limited quantities.

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