Pu Erh Tea Selection Pack


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Pu Erh Tea Selection Pack
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Pu Erh 25g
A 1 Year Aged Pu Erh grown in the Yunnan province (China)
The infusion is red-brown with a smooth but rich and earthy flavour and aroma.

Green Pu Erh 25g
A green variety of Pu Erh produced in the Yunnan province (China).
The infusion is yellow with a slightly smokey flavour.

Pu Erh Sweet Chai 25g
Pu Erh (min.79%) with cinnamon, licorice, ginger, aroma, sandalwood, cloves and thistle.
All the usual healthy benefits you would get from a regular Pu Erh but with a spicy flavour.

Pu Erh Wellness Guarana 25g
Pu Erh tea (min. 79.3%), guarana (min. 3.6%), ginkgo, red and blackcurrants, leaves of raspberry and blackberry, aroma, flowers of peony and bluebottle. All the goodness of regular Pu Erh but with a fruity flavour.

Pu Erh Yin Yang 25g
Pu-Erh (min.83%) with cherries, rosebuds, sandalwood, turmeric, aroma, jasmine, roses and curry leaves.

May contain traces of nuts.

Tea Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Pu Erh is unique in many ways. It’s an aged tea that is teeming in microbes gained during its manufacturing process – think yogurt and you will get the idea. Chinese medicine has long revered the healing powers of this tea. Pu Erh aids weight loss, boosts the immune system and has a cleansing and detoxing effect due to the high amount of antioxidants.