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Smokey Russian
A twist on traditional Russian Caravan Tea!
Our in house blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon, Keemun, and Lapsang Souchong tea gives a dark brown infusion with a well-balanced, slightly sweet flavour and smokey after taste. A good middle ground for those who want a less smokey tea than Lapsang Souchong and a more smokey tea than Russian Caravan.

100g £4.90
500g £19.60 (includes a 20% discount).
1kg £34.30 (includes a 30% discount).

Tea Origin: China, India and Sri Lanka.

Russian Caravan’s name originates from the 18th century when this type of tea was transported from the Chinese border to Moscow by camel caravans. It is believed that the teas took on the smokey taste of the campfires which is often a flavour associated with this kind of tea today.

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