Flavoured Green Tea Selection Pack


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Flavoured Green Tea Selection Pack

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Elderflower & Lime New 25g
Green tea Sencha, elderflower flowers (min.20%), lemon slices, marigold flowers, natural lime aroma (min. 2%).

Little Buddha 25g
Green tea Sencha, licorice, sandalwood, red pepper, camomile, aroma, pieces of papaya (sugar, firming agent: calcium chloride), pieces of pineapple (sugar, citric acid).

Ginseng & Ginger 25g
Green tea Sencha, ginseng root (min.2.2%), aroma, ginger root (min. 1.1%), orange peel and orange blossoms.

Divine Blossoms 25g
Green tea Sencha, rose petals, aroma, pomegranate blossoms, aroma, elderberries.

China Jasmine with Flowers 25g
Scented jasmine green tea and dried Jasmine blossoms.

May contain traces of nuts.