Flavoured Green Tea Selection Pack


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Flavoured Green Tea Selection Pack
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Strawberry & Champagne 25g
Green tea Sencha, raisins(sunflower oil), strawberries (min6.1%), rose buds, lavender, champagne aroma (min.05%).

Little Buddha 25g
Green tea Sencha, licorice, sandalwood, red pepper, camomile, aroma, pieces of papaya (sugar, firming agent: calcium chloride), pieces of pineapple (sugar, citric acid).

Ginseng & Ginger 25g
Green tea Sencha, ginseng root (min.2.2%), aroma, ginger root (min. 1.1%), orange peel and orange blossoms.

Cranberry & Elderberry 25g
Green tea China Sencha, cranberries (min.2.4%) = sugar, sunflower oil, elderberries (min.2.4%), aroma, raspberries, cornflowers.

China Jasmine with Flowers 25g
This Jasmine tea contains dried jasmine blossoms. The infusion is light green with a fragrant jasmine aroma and taste.

May contain traces of nuts.