Green Rooibos Raspberry and Mint


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Green Rooibos Raspberry and Mint
A naturally caffeine free rooibos blend that offers a refreshing fruity flavour with a minty twist.

100g £4.90.
500g £19.60 (includes a 20% discount).
1kg £34.30 (includes a 30% discount).

Ingredients: Organic green rooibos (min 74%), apple, raspberries (min 6%), natural lemon aroma, mint (min 2%).
May contain traces of nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Origin: South Africa.

Rooibos is grown on South African plantations and has been a popular beverage there for generations. The infusion made from this unusual plant is naturally caffeine free and became very popular mainly for its health benefits. Rooibos contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and is known for helping with relaxation, clearing the skin and can help with allergies. Green rooibos contains about 15 times more antioxidants than red rooibos and it is very high in minerals and vitamin C.

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