Post-Christmas detox teas

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Christmas is officially over, and if you’re anything like us at Teahouse, you’ll probably still be feeling the effects of all that extra indulgence. It’s inevitable – there’s always a little extra room for just one more spoonful of Christmas pudding, one more glass of Baileys… So, when the sluggishness kicks in and your digestive system is on overload, this is when you might start toying with the idea of detoxing.

When you type the word ‘detox’ into Google, thousands of results turn up with differing opinions on the pros and cons of detoxing the body. ‘Detoxing’ generally incurs visions of intense juice diets… which definitely doesn’t sound much fun to us! However, there are healthy ways that you can give your body a detox without resorting to depriving yourself of anything – by drinking detox teas. These are drunk alongside your normal eating habits to help you get back on track and eliminate those feelings of fatigue and bloating that come after a period of over-eating.

We’ve managed to narrow down 3 of our favourite teas that provide a natural and healthy way to detox your body, and that taste good too! We’ll go through each of their ingredients so you know exactly what is in them, and why they are good for you. Take a look and see what could work for you.

Detox – £4.80 for 100g
Rooibos, nettle tops, camomile, mint, ginger root, fennel, liquorice and sage.

This is a caffeine-free tea made with a blend of rooibos and herbs chosen for their high levels of antioxidants, which are chemicals that help prevent cell damage in the body.  One of the significant properties of this tea is that it functions as a diuretic. This basically means that they increase urine flow, which can help to flush out excess water and salt (a common culprit of that bloated feeling you get after a big meal).

The ingredients we’ve chosen for Detox are often used as digestive aids, which is what makes them so useful when you’ve had a period of overeating. Things such as mint, nettle, ginger and fennel are widely consumed to help with problems such as bloating and nausea, making them perfect for this tea.

Using rooibos as the base for this tea is also great because it means that you can have this at any time of the day when you feel like you needs to give your stomach a bit of love. Plus, the addition of camomile means that it would be a lovely tea to drink before going to bed.

Tea for Good Digestion – £4.80 for 100g
Aniseed fruit, fennel, caraway seeds, camomile, peppermint, mallow flowers and marigolds.

The name speaks for itself here! This herbal blend contains ingredients that will aid your body’s digestion process and keep everything in working order after a meal – particularly useful with all the extra trimmings around this time of year!

As with our Detox tea, here we’ve created a blend of ingredients that work by giving your digestive system a helping hand as well as reducing symptoms of nausea or cramping. Things such as the peppermint are particularly good for this – as well as being widely used for symptoms such as bloating, peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant which can in turn ease stomach pain. The addition of caraway seeds is beneficial as they are a good source of fibre, which is exactly what your body needs when it’s feeling a little groggy. Not having enough fibre in your diet can be a culprit of stomach discomfort and bloating, so this tea should help you to start feeling on top of your game again.

Pu Erh – £5.80 per 100g

Pu Erh is a tea from the Yunnan Province in China, unique because of the lengthy fermentation process that it goes through before being consumed. It is known as a ‘living’ tea because of the microbes present in the leaves as a result of its maturation, which are what gives Pu Erh its healing properties – think live yoghurt.. It is often drunk after meals because of its ability to aid in the digestive process and refresh the mind. Pu Erh is also widely regarded as a weight loss aid and as helping to lower cholesterol.

In addition to these benefits, in Chinese medicine Pu Erh is believed to reconnect the relationship between the mind and the body, thus creating a healthier you and contributing to your overall wellbeing. Pu Erh is said to open up the meridians, which is a term used in Chinese medicine to refer to channels in the body through which life energy, known as ‘qi’, flows. When all these channels are functioning normally it creates balance in the body, but factors such as lifestyle, stress and illness can cause blockages in these networks, which is where problems arise and the balance is disturbed. By drinking Pu Erh it is believed to aid the healthy flow of your life force throughout the meridians and thus maintain your internal and external wellness. This tea has a sweet and earthy taste, and is definitely worth trying out for its distinctive flavour and numerous health benefits.

So, which of the three teas we’ve showcased stand out for you? The classic blends of Detox and Tea for Good Digestion, or will you try something new and go for the Pu Erh? Have a taste and see what you think – then let us know how they’ve worked for you. The ones we’ve talked about here aren’t the only teas we have with detoxing and digestive properties, so have a browse online or pop into the shop so see what else is on offer!

Each tea comes in bags of either 100g, 500g or 1kg.

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