Iced Tea Month is Upon Us!


Admittedly, the tradition of drinking iced tea may be more of an American thing (particularly in the southern states), but when we heard that June is Iced Tea Month we couldn’t resist giving our own take on it! Now that the sun is finally showing its face again, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get us all away from our winter brews and into something more summery!

Iced tea is most commonly made with black tea, but for our recipe we’ve chosen to go with our loose leaf Indian Summer tea. You can make it with any tea you like really – green tea, white tea, Earl Grey… it’s completely up to you to experiment!

For us, Indian Summer was just calling out to be made into this delicious and refreshing drink. The fruit infusion not only tastes and smells great, but is made with wonderful ingredients to help you feel your best as the nights get longer and the air gets warmer. The combination of apple, rose hips, hibiscus, blueberries, elderberries and prunes is gorgeous – plus it’s full of antioxidants so you can feel great about drinking it!

There are a couple of different ways to make iced tea, but we’re going with the more classic ‘cold brew’ version. If you’re short on time, all you need to do is brew a strong cup of your chosen tea, add cold water, ice and ta-da! Iced tea on a time constraint.

Indian Summer Iced Tea

10 teaspoons of loose leaf Indian Summer tea (or 6 teabags if you’re freestyling it)

1.2l water

And there you have it! All you’ve got to do is brew the tea overnight in the fridge (no boiling water to be seen here). The difference between brewing the tea in boiling water first is that it releases more tannins – the thing that gives tea its slight bitterness. With a cold brew, the flavour develops differently, although not as strongly, which is why there’s so much tea in our recipe! You can always test it to work out your preferred strength, as it may also vary slightly depending on the type of tea that you’re using.

Indian Summer works beautifully as an iced tea in its own right, but there are lots of different variations to really make your drink special. Try it with fruit such as apple slices and blueberries to match the tea’s ingredients, or perhaps some rose petals for an elegant finish. Add sweetness with lemonade for a bubbly treat… or perhaps a dash or two of your favourite spirit (did someone say cocktail party?!).

Now you can look forward to whiling your summer days away with a cool, refreshing glass of your favourite tea. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’ll be forsaking our classic English Breakfast tea… but you know, the more ways of drinking tea the merrier!



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