Teahouse Emporium’s Top 10 Matcha Recipes

As you may already know if you read our last blog post about matcha, there are a myriad of different ways that you can enjoy the health-giving benefits of matcha. We’ve put together this list of our Top 10 favourites to give you some ideas of how you can start getting this green goodness into your daily life – because healthy doesn’t always have to mean boring!

1. The Classic Matcha Latte

Love & Lemons Matcha Coconut Latte

Now how beautiful does that look? Thanks to Love & Lemons, we can all get a picture-perfect matcha latte that’s not only delicious, but good for you too. Get the recipe here!

2. Matcha Smoothie – in a bowl!

Matcha Smoothie Bowl by Epicurious

You may be used to having your smoothies in a tall glass, but this Super Green Smoothie Bowl with Matcha and Ginger by Epicurious is going to change the way you have your smoothies forever. The combination of matcha, lots of lovely fruit and veg and a zingy ginger kick is a sure-fire way to get you up and ready for the day.

3. Matcha Pancakes

Matcha Pancakes by Diane, A Broad
Okay, so maybe it’s not the MOST healthy way to enjoy the benefits of matcha, but we challenge you not to drool over these matcha pancakes by Diane, A Broad. Time to give our Sunday brunches an antioxidant-fuelled boost!

4. Matchamisu

Matcha Tiramisu by Oh, How Civilized

Tiramisu has just got a modern, green update with this ‘Matchamisu’ by Oh, How Civilized. Granted, there’s a lot of work involved in making this gorgeous dessert, but imagine how impressed your tea-loving friends will be when you present them with this!

5. Matcha Energy Balls

Matcha Energy Balls

Everything about these Raw Matcha Protein Super Energy Balls from Mista Matcha sounds good to us. Made with just natural, raw ingredients, you can beat that afternoon slump without any of the guilt – or any kind of slump, come to think of it!

6. Matcha Cupcakes

Chocolate Matcha Cupcakes by Port and Fin

The creator of this recipe for Double Chocolate with Matcha Buttercream Frosting talks a lot about how fabulous the pairing of matcha and dark chocolate is. And now, we are inclined to agree.

7. Matcha Ice Cream


Matcha ice cream is one of the most popular variations that can be found when you’re looking for different ways to incorporate matcha into your diet. One of the great things about this recipe from The Minimalist Baker is that not only does it looks amazing, it’s dairy-free too.

8. Matcha and Coconut Fudge

Healthy Matcha Coconut Fudge

It’s very, very rare that you get to hear the words ‘healthy’ and ‘fudge’ put together -but that’s exactly what Desserts with Benefits have done in the recipe for matcha and coconut fudge.

9. Homemade Matcha Noodles 

Matcha Pasta by The Winter Guest

We’ve had a lot of matcha puddings on here, so we thought we’d better give something for the savoury-lovers. And what better could be choose than these Matcha Noodles with Basil Cream Sauce, from The Winter Guest? A simple but effective recipe.

10. Matcha Gnocchi

Matcha Gnocchi by Princess Tofu

We wanted to end our selection on a showstopper, and this matcha gnocchi with ginger, orange butter and butternut squash by Princess Tofu fits the bill perfectly. You’ll definitely be in everyone’s good books once you’ve whipped up a batch of this (if you can bear to share it, that is).

So there we have it – our favourite recipes using matcha. Give them a go and see what you think!


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