Green Tea Selection Pack


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Green Tea Selection Pack 

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China Gunpowder 25g
Large leaves rolled into little pellets which unfold while brewing and provide a yellowish infusion with a rich taste.

China Sencha 25g
Sencha refers to early spring picked tea and is made from light green leaves providing a bright yellow infusion with a soft nutty flavour and refreshing aftertaste.

Lung Ching ”Dragon Well” 25g
This tea is named after the village where it is produced in China and is one of the world’s most famous teas. They provide a pale yellow infusion with a very fresh deliciously sweet taste and aroma.

Japanese Sencha Satsuma 25g
Sencha Satsuma is an excellent quality tea made from young dark green, fine leaves. They produce a bright yellow infusion with a touch of sweetness and delicate flavour.

Japanese Bancha Arashiyama 25g
Made from large leaves picked in the summer. They produce a deep golden-yellow infusion with a mild and sweetish taste. Bancha is low in caffeine.

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