Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bags


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Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bags
In 2018 we introduced this packaging to our shop to replace our old plastic lined paper bags. We chose these biodegradable kraft paper bags because they are fully compostable. Our goal is to continue to make our shop more sustainable and green!
The lining is made from a plant based bio plastic, the outer lining from kraft paper. It composts into carbon dioxide, water and biomass making these bags offer a greener alternative to polypropylene, PVC etc. which are fossil fuel derived and non renewable.
Made from annually renewable source.

Pack of 10 bags: £2.64 (including VAT)
Pack of 100 bags: £25.20 (including VAT)
Pack of 500 bags: £120.00 (including VAT)
For larger quantities or wholesale enquiries please contact us at

Size: H: 15cm, W: 7.9cm, D: 5cm
Each bag holds between 50 -100g of tea. This varies depending on the type of tea.