*New* Kenya Tumoi Nandi Golden Tips


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Kenya Tumoi Nandi Golden Tips

100g bag £6.90
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This is one of the finest orthodox teas produced in the Nandi hills. It is made from beautiful long and tightly rolled leaves and golden tips. The infusion is smooth and refreshing with a malty notes. Great on it’s own or with some milk!

Origin: Nandi, Kenya

Flag of Kenya

Preparation Guide:
We recommend using 2g of tea per 200ml of water.
Brew this tea at just off the boil – around 90 – 95°C
If you’re drinking without milk brew for 3 min.
With milk brew for 4- 5 min.

About Tumoi Teas
Tumoi teas was established in 2013 by Boaz Katah. They source their teas from small scale farmers around the Rift Valley who grow their tea at a height of over 6,700ft above sea level. This lush valley region is situated right on the equator where they consistantly have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night creating a well balanced climate for growing great tea! Their teas are 100% pesticide free.
They not only care about the tea produced, but also about their community offering apprentiships oppurtunities to the local youth as well as supporting local literacy programs for primary school kids.

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