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ORGANIC Matcha Asagiri

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Grade: High (Ceremonial)
Area: Kirishima, Aichi Prefecture
Town: Asagiri 朝霧
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This Matcha “powdered tea” is made from high quality bright green leaves grown in 90% shade. The flavour is reminiscent of pistachio nuts and ripe avocado. Matcha contains a high amount of antioxidants and minerals.  A highly stimulating tea!

Matcha Production
1. the tea leaves are grown in 90% shade for 2-6 weeks prior to picking”
2. hand picking of the youngest leaves (shoots) from the end of March – May
3. the leaves are steamed to prevent oxidisation
4. air drying
5. light crashing , de-veining and de-stemming of the leaves
6. sorting = the de-veined and de-stemmed leaves are named “Tencha”
“Tencha” is the raw material used for the production of Matcha.
(the veins and the stems are used for the production of “Kukicha” the stalk tea)
7. “Tencha” is ground on stone mills to a very fine powder “Matcha”.

Matcha tea is expensive because it is labour intensive and only high quality tea leaves are used for the production. It takes about an hour of grinding “Tencha” into 30g of ultra fine powdered tea“Matcha”.

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