*New* Silver Needles “Bai Hao Yin Zhen”


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Silver Needles “Bai Hao Yin Zhen”  白毫银针
Chinese White Tea

  20g bag £6.00
  50g bag £15.00
100g bag £30.00
200g bag £48.00 (includes a 20% discount)
500g bag £105.00 (includes a 30% discount)

Tea Origin: China
Location: Yazitang, Sichuan Province
Cultivar: Dai Bai “Large White”

This is the most renowned and prized white tea in the world. It is made solely from the hand picked top buds which are covered with tiny silvery hair, hence the name “Silver Needles”. Around 3000 buds is needed to produce a 100g of this special tea. They are handled with the greatest care to prevent any damage and then sundried or air-dried. The infusion is delicate but complex with notes of ripe peaches and honeysuckle.
A real treat for any white tea lover!

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