Decaf: Exciting and Delicious!

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  • Not Tasteless!

Decaf teas are often given a bad rep; often considered dull or tasteless – this couldn’t be further from the truth! There is a wide range of options out there for anyone wishing to drink a caffeine free tea!

There are many reasons to choose a decaf/caffeine free tea. Whether it’s for health reasons, to help with sleep, pregnancy or just a desire for something different. Whatever the reason there may be there is no need to feel that your options are limited.

Decaffeinated Teas
For those that love the flavour of black tea, but wish to drink something caffeine free there are a few options. Tea can be decaffeinated though a variety of methods and, truth be told, some of the methods do cause, the tea does loose some of its natural ‘oomph’. However, we recommend keeping an eye out for teas that state they have been decaffeinated by the CO2 process as, from our experience, this offers the most natural process whilst retaining as much of the flavour as possible.Strong Decaf (2)

We’ve searched high and low for a good decaf ‘Breakfast Tea’ that still has the strength people want as well as the always popular Earl Grey and feel we have found a pair of winners. Our Decaf Strong Breakfast Tea offers a good malty taste that can handle a drop of milk giving you a decaf alternative to a ‘Builders Brew’. The decaf Earl Grey we offer has changed over the years as we are always looking for top quality tasty options for our customers. Currently, we are pleased to have found a top quality decaffeinated Ceylon black tea with Bergamot.


Both of these plants come from South Africa and are naturally caffeine free. Rooibos has a delicate, sweet slightly nutty flavour and is known for its health benefits as it contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Rooibos takes additional flavours very well which opens up a wide variety of options. Whether it’s something with a citrus twist like our popular Kalahari tea or something more warming and luxurious like our Almond Cake tea.
Honeybush is very similar to Rooibos and is known for having a soothing effect on the central nervous system and helps relieve headaches, insomnia and nervous tension. It has a honey-sweet taste which can be a very pleasant ‘before bed’ drink.


Herbal Blends/Single Herbs13612329_10153988008807639_2564792065921768713_n
Often people associate drinking a herbal blend or single herbs with health benefits. Whilst many herbs can be drunk for this reason they can also be drunk for pleasure as well. For example, Rose Buds are known more for their flavour and offer a delicious and delicate drink that could be perfect for an afternoon tea.  There are hundreds of different options which offer a vast variety of tastes from sweet to savoury or even bitter! Take a little time to explore the various options we have available and see if any take your fancy!


Fruit Teas
It’s not uncommon for us to be asked by new customers whether our Fruit Tea can deliver the kind of flavour the person is looking for. Unfortunately, too often, fruit teas don’t live up to their delicious smells! It sounds very simple, but we’ve found the best way to blend a good fruit tea that both smells and tastes delicious is to use real, whole pieces of fruit instead of flavourings! In some instances the fruits are blended with some Hibiscus flowers to enhance the flavour further.
One of the most popular teas in our shop is actually our Granny’s Garden fruit blend! It combines red berries and hibiscus to give a  delicious full flavoured infusion.


The world of tea is vast and always worth exploring!

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