Feel Good Teas for 2017

Posted on January 5, 2017, by in .

Close up of pu-erh superior

It’s a few days after New Year and now that all the festivities and excesses of the Christmas period are over it’s not uncommon for people to want a bit of a detox. Often we feel that this means sacrificing good flavours for healthier options. With tea that simply isn’t the case with many delicious teas having wonderful healthy properties as well as great flavours.

Here are a few delicious teas to boost your general health.

Pu-erh TeaClose up of pu-erh superior
This tea has been enjoyed in China for over 1000 years and has worked its way into our shop and our hearts. A favourite amongst everyone that works here we sell a variety of different tea grades, ages and flavours to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Research has been carried out in China, Taiwan and France reporting that Pu-erh can help to lower cholesterol, improve liver function and assist with digestion making it a good tea to drink after a meal. Its production is very similar to green tea, but with an extra stage in which the tea is matured under special conditions that encourage active bacteria (think yoghurt) that develop the tea as it oxidises. Like wine, Pu-Erh tea can be stored in the right conditions for a very long time, meaning that it has vintage years known to connoisseurs. The most expensive Pu-Erh teas can sell for thousands of pounds per bag! For a more everyday price though view our full range here!

Pumpkin and Turmericpumpkin and turmeric fruit tea close up
There have been many articles that have been released over the past 6 months hailing the good properties of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. We’ve had a lot of interest in a turmeric tea and so set about trying to find a delicious option. The one we have picked is a caffeine free fruit blend that not only smells divine it tastes it too! Find it here!

Rooibos Tea
This South African tea is high in vitamin C, various minerals and antioxidants. It’s caffeine free and very low in tannins. This means that rooibos can be drunk throughout the day, but is particularly effective in the evenings as a good tea to drink to aid in relaxation and sleep. Another health benefit it’s known for is helping with skin conditions both as a beverage as well as being used in skin products throughout South Africa.
Rooibos can be drunk pure, with milk or with added flavours.
View our full range here!

Matcha Green Tea
2016 was the year that saw the rise in popularity for this powdered variety of green tea. Multiple articles were released singing it’s praises for being high in antioxidants. Matcha is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies and can be found all over Japan in various foods as well as the tea it became famous for.
So why pick this tea over leaf green tea?
Truth be told you will still find a lot of antioxidants in good, high quality leaf green teas. What makes Matcha different is that you are drinking the powdered leaf instead of an infusion. One big difference is that Matcha is much higher in caffeine than a green tea infusion so is a good stimulant tea.
What to look for
There are many Matchas on the market now varying massively in price. If you buy a traditional ceremonial Japanese Matcha it will be made from the Gyokuro leaf, which has been grown 90% of the time in the shade. This means the leaf has really had to work to grow and is the highest in antioxidants. Matcha can be made from any green tea that has been ground down to the power form. We sell two grades in store, Matacha Asagiri and Matcha Izu.
Asagiri is a ceremonial grade Matcha made from Gyokuro leaves, whilst our Matcha Izu is what we call cooking grade Matcha. It’s made from a blend of Chinese and Kenyan green teas and is brilliant for adding to smoothies, cereal and cooking cakes with.