5 Teas to try in 2018

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It’s a couple of weeks into the new year and we’ve had a lot of people coming to our shop asking us which teas should they try next? We’ve compiled a list of teas that you may not have tried before. Some are known for their health properties and others are just delicious!

Rwanda Rukeri OP
Teas from Africa are more commonly found in supermarket tea bags and as such can be under appreciated by the loose leaf community. This is a shame as they can produce high quality teas that can rival some of the best in the world!

This tea comes from the Rukei garden that lies near the town of Kinihira in the Northern Province, Rwanda. Next to its name you’ll see the letters OP, this means that it’s an Orange Pekeo leaf, or large leafed tea. These are known for giving great flavour without any bitterness, just what we want from a loose leaf tea. The large leaves produce a dark reddish infusion with a smooth fruity taste. We recommend brewing it for 3 minutes and drinking it black for an incredibly smooth cup of tea. If you love adding a little drop of milk this tea can work for you too. Allow it to brew for 5mins and then add the milk. £4.65/100g

Rwanda Rukei OP loose leaf tea

Rwanda Rukeri OP loose leaf tea

Pu-erh Wellness Guarana
Some may already be familiar with Pu-erh tea. In case you’re not though, it’s an aged tea that is made exclusively grown and produced in the Yunnan region of China. Research has been carried out in China, Taiwan and France reporting that Pu-erh can help to lower cholesterol, improve liver function and assist with digestion making it a good tea to drink after a meal. Its production is very similar to green tea, but with an extra stage in which the tea is matured under special conditions that encourage active bacteria (think yoghurt) that develop the tea as it oxidises.

Pu-erh is known for it’s rich earthy taste, which, whilst it is loved by many others can find it overpowering. We’ve found that Pu-erh blends very well with other rich flavours. The Pu-erh Wellness blends pu-erh tea with guarana, ginkgo and currents to give a rich fruity tasting tea. £5.50/100g

Pu-erh Wellness Guarana loose leaf tea

Pu-erh Wellness Guarana loose leaf tea

Organic Genmaicha Kagoshima 玄米茶
Genmaicha or ‘Brown Rice Tea’ is a traditional Japanese tea made from either Bancha or Sencha leaves and toasted rice. It’s sometimes known as ‘Popcorn Tea’ because during the toasting process some grains of rice can pop and this resembles popcorn! Although today this tea is drunk by all members of society and comes in many different grades ranging from cheaper everyday prices to high premiums this wasn’t always the case. Originally this tea was drunk by the poorer members of society. The rice was used a filler and reduced the overall cost of the tea and this is why, in Japan, it is sometimes known as the ‘people’s tea’.

The infusion is pale green with a slightly nutty and sweet taste. It is considered an easy to drink tea and can help ease digestion. Often Genmaicha will be served during meals in Japan! We experienced this whilst travelling around Japan a couple of years ago. In the summer it is often served chilled and was a perfect way to begin and end our meals! £7.30/100g

Organic Japanese Genmaicha Kagoshima loose leaf tea

Organic Japanese Genmaicha Kagoshima

Sea Buckthorn
What is Sea Buckthorn? It is a thick shrub or small tree that grows on the sandy coasts, mainly in Europe and Asia. Its berries are normally orange or red in colour and are rich in vitamins, minerals, organic flavonoids and antioxidants. It can give a good energy boost and is known for helping with the function of the cardiovascular system, digestion and the immune system. Sea buckthorn has a very distinct citrusy flavour and aroma.

We offer two teas containing sea buckthorn for you to try. A caffeine free blend of Rooibos and sea buckthorn and a blend of China Sencha green tea, sea buckthorn and pineapple. £4.60/100g

Sea buckthorn loose leaf green tea

Sea buckthorn green tea

Mi Lan Xiang “Honey Orchid” 米蘭香

This tea is part of our specialty range and for good reason! This Chinese dark oolong is grown in the mountains of Feng Huang Shan (Phoenix Mountains), Guandong province. Mi Lan Xiang is crafted in the “Nong Xiang” style, where the leaves are oxidized to at least 30% then given repeat roasts until the honey-like aroma and flavour is brought forth.

The dark, large leaves give an orange infusion with a sweetish honey/orchid flavour and is a great reflection of its name. It’s a must try for Oolong lovers! £4.65/100g

Mi Lan Xiang "Honey Orchid" Oolong loose leaf tea

Mi Lan Xiang “Honey Orchid” Oolong

These are just a few suggestions we have for you! If you ever want to know more about our teas drop us a message on facebook or via our website or come in store to chat to one of our experienced members of staff!