Top Five Infusers

Brewing loose leaf tea can sometimes feel like a lot more effort than chucking a teabag into a mug, but here at Teahouse Emporium we think it’s all about choosing the right infuser. We’ve put together a list of our top five infusers to help you chose the right one for your perfect cup of tea.


#5 5cm Ball Infuser – £3.60

This infusp-325-50004_5.jpger is one of the cheapest we sell and is effectively a reusable teabag, hanging into your mug on a chain. Simply place one teaspoon of your chosen tea into the infuser, close it with the clasp and put it in your cup. There is a handy hook at the end of the chain so you can wrap the chain around the mug handle to prevent it falling in. This makes it easy to leave it in for as long as you like.

This infuser works best with large leaf teas like peppermint or large leaf black teas (OP). It can be a bit fiddly to fill, hence number five on our list.


#4 Block Tong Infuser – £3.90

p-323-50115_1.jpgThis infuser is perfect for dunking in your mug. It’s not as fiddly as #5 and is easier to remove once brewing is complete. But it’s not as durable as some of our higher scoring infusers. It works best with large leaf teas like hibiscus or white teas.


#3 Basket Ball Infuser – £5.99

This infuser is durable with small holes, allowing no leaves to escape during brewing. It’s compact and has a secure lid, which twists shut. Definitely the best of our chain infusers. This infuser is good at brewing all teas, but definitely worth considering if you use smaller leaf teas such as camomile, herbal blends and broken orange pekoe (black tea).


#2 Mug Infuser with Drip Tray – £7.50

p-952-50075_50076_otvor.jpgThis infuser sits on the top of your mug with a deep basket, which almost fills your mug. This gives loads of room for the tea leaves to move around freely whilst brewing. Plus, there are no clasps or clips. No fuss and no escaped leaves! The drip tray gives you somewhere to put the used infuser, which is a bonus. This infuser can also be used in a teapot (depending on the size). The only drawback with this one, is it really only fits a limited size of mug (about 7cm wide) or it either falls inside the mug or sits too high on the rim. This infuser is best suited to teas that expand once brewing such as oolongs and white teas, but also for small leaf teas, as no bits escape.


#1 Mug strainer with a handle – £7.99

p-950-50114.jpgThis is, by far, the best investment you can make for a good cup of loose leaf tea. It’s easy to use and its hard metal surface makes it really durable. It lets nothing through, even small pieces and it’s easy to clean. It provides a nice deep basket for the leaves to move around and its long handle means it’ll fit in any of your mugs. A clear winner for us! We all use these at home.


HerJM.0001e at Teahouse Emporium we do understand that sometimes one cup is just not enough. But we have that covered too with our 2 cup teapots range, £17.99. These come in a variety of colours with an infuser inside. We also have bigger teapots, glass teapots and cast iron teapots all with infusers inside.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves loose leaf, we also sell mugs with infusers. These work well for someone who is just getting into loose leaf too.

For those on the go, we sell empty teabags too, which can be filled with any tea and then thrown away after use. These are great for getting a decent cup of tea at work or taking on holiday with you.

Most of these items can be bought through our website, but to see our full range, please come to our shop in Bath where we’ll be happy to chat through all the options with you.


The faff of loose leaf tea is a thing of the past!

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